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Re: [Launchpad-users] [Launchpad-translators] Minor changes to handling of upstream translations

Awesome, but then I think it world be good to indicate what projects this is active for and for which it is not.

Mvh Anders

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Fra: "Danilo Åegan" <danilo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Dato: tir., dec. 21, 2010 17:40
Emne: SV: [Launchpad-translators] Minor changes to handling of upstream translations
Til: "anders@xxxxxxxx" <anders@xxxxxxxx>
Cc: "launchpad-users" <launchpad-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "launchpad-translators" <launchpad-translators@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Anders,

Ð ÑÑÐ, 21. 12 2010. Ñ 17:15 +0100, anders@xxxxxxxx ÐÐÑÐ:
> Sounds grate.
> Hope some thing similar happens for translations outside of LP. It
> would also be nice to know when some thing was last synced and when
> the next sync is expected to happen.

That's actually going to happen very soon after we enable this. At least
for _some_ upstream projects (those that we have full import support
for: that includes all intltool-based projects like GNOME).

Also, it's going to be almost instant (i.e. it shouldn't be more than a
day before latest upstream translations are imported), so that means
that there won't be a need to have "when's the next sync" written down
anywhere.  But that means that we'll have to have all the upstream
projects properly set up for code and translations import.  That's going
to take some time and we'd be happy to have people help us out.


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