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Re: [Launchpad-users] [Launchpad-translators] Minor changes to handling of upstream translations

Hi Yaron,

Also, this is something that is of a bigger relevance for the
ubuntu-translators list imo.  At the moment, nothing is really changing
for Ubuntu translations.

Ð ÑÑÐ, 21. 12 2010. Ñ 23:40 +0200, Yaron Shahrabani ÐÐÑÐ:

> Well I am a little worried about something...
> There are many current translations that we want to eliminate from
> launchpad and we prefer the GNOME ones, yet another case is that our
> KDE translations in Ubuntu (Kubuntu) are better than the upstream
> ones.

We will not be changing our synchronization rules as such.  It's just
that we will be getting "immediate" upstream imports, as if a new Ubuntu
package is coming with every commit to the upstream branch.

If your KDE translations are really better in Launchpad, I urge you to
try to submit them upstream as well (I assume you have tried already,
but still, try again! :).  We are building tools to make this as easy as

> How should we play? â

So, since we won't be changing the precedence rules for translations,
you should do just like you do today: revert all the GNOME translations
to "upstream" translations (currently marked "packaged" in the UI), and
keep diverged KDE translations.


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