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patched kernel issue


Hi folks,
I have an issue that is mysterious to me.  Let's start with the symptoms.
 I'm maintaining a patched kernel in a ppa.  The problem reported/noticed
[0] is that when users try to run virtual box on this kernel, there is a
null dereference (and a corresponding stack trace), and virtualbox doesn't
work.  But, when I compile the kernel myself, the problem isn't there.

Regarding me maintaining this ppa, I am pretty much ignorant about every
aspect of the process, packaging, launchpad, the kernel, compiling.  I'm
barely scraping by with my knowledge.  So, I don't really know where to
begin regarding this issue.

Any pointers will be appreciated.


[0] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11238688#post11238688
[my ppa] https://launchpad.net/~chogydan/+archive/ppa

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