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Re: patched kernel issue


On 13 September 2011 08:09, Daniel Hollocher <danielhollocher@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have an issue that is mysterious to me.  Let's start with the symptoms.
>  I'm maintaining a patched kernel in a ppa.  The problem reported/noticed
> [0] is that when users try to run virtual box on this kernel, there is a
> null dereference (and a corresponding stack trace), and virtualbox doesn't
> work.  But, when I compile the kernel myself, the problem isn't there.

In that case it's very likely to be something about the build
dependencies that's different between your machine and the Launchpad
buildd.  (It's highly unlikely something in lp itself could be causing
that.)  For instance I have seen things before where there are
interacting bugs in the kernel and in gcc that cause run-time
misbehaviour unless you use the right gcc version; or binutils or ld.

Or, perhaps you're not doing a totally clean build locally.

Using a pbuilder you ought to be able to reproduce the build locally.

Then you need to look for upstream advice on why it's crashing, or
perhaps gradually pull off patches until it no longer does.

> [  208.811810] warning: `VirtualBox' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)

that looks suspicious in particular.