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Re: [PPA tehnick-tehnick] uhub_0.3.2-0ppa4~oneiric1_source.changes rejected


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately there is no such file uhub_0.3.2.orig.tar.bz2 at the place:
Because the package was deleted...

Could anybody give me direct link to this tarball in another place?

Or maybe can anyone remove this tarball from ppa.launchpad.net completely?
It will be much more better. In this way I will be able to upload the package with
lesser version (uhub_0.3.2-0ppa1~oneiric1).

Best regards,

27.09.2011, 22:36, "Launchpad PPA" <no_reply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Rejected:
> File uhub_0.3.2.orig.tar.bz2 already exists in Tehnick --- PPA, but uploaded version has different contents. See more information about this error in https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors.
> Files specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification.
> ===
> If you don't understand why your files were rejected please send an email
> to launchpad-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for help (requires membership).
> --
> You are receiving this email because you are the uploader of the above
> PPA package.

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