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One mistake in language list



I have found one mistake in language list. In language list there is a Mari
language (chm code) that is a macro language. It divides into two languages
Meadow Mari (mhr code) and Hill Mari (mrj code). This two languages a little
bit different. But there is no single Mari language and there is no person
who knows this macro language Mari. When person says that hi speaks Mari he
means that he speaks Meadow Mari (Because the number of speakers of Meadow
Mari is much bigger than the number of speakers of Hill Mari).

Is it possible to create two languages Meadow Mari and Hill Mari instead of
one single Mari?

Now I have created translation team to translate to Meadow Mari, and I need
somehow to specify that our team would translate to Meadow Mari with code
mhr (glibc locale file has name mhr_RU).

Any suggestions are welcome,

Vasli Slavik

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