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Re: Request from Leo's owner to fix the leo-editor trunk (or trunk2) branch


On 25 December 2011 04:03, Terry Brown <terry_n_brown@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It seems that another branch created from the damaged one does not
> include the damage, specifically I created
> lp:~terry-n-brown/+junk/leo_test from the original damaged branch but
> leo_test can be branched over http on low mem. machines.
> So it seems that if there were some way to completely purge all bzr
> data from the leo-editor LP account and push fresh from a branch
> elsewhere the damage might be removed without the need to reconstruct
> the good commits or even change the commit IDs and break existing
> branches.
> Does this sound reasonable?  If so, is there a LP function to do that
> purging, or would bzr push overwrite of an empty repo achieve the
> desired effect?

Hi Terry,

If I understand correctly, it should be enough for you to just

- rename your existing 'trunk' branch to 'old_trunk', through the lp ui
- rename your new fixed branch to 'trunk'
- go to the main series for leo-editor and associate that with the branch

Looking at <https://launchpad.net/leo-editor/trunk2> it seems you
might have already done this?  I hope that solved it.


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