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Re: [PPA canonical-qt5-edgers-qt5-daily] qtwebkit_5.0-1ubuntu2_source.changes rejected


On Mon, Jun 4, 2012, at 10:51 PM, Zoltán Balogh wrote:

> ... in my case this very civilized version policy made the build
> directory and so the -I arguments and object list arguments in the
> linking  that it exceeded the shell limitations.

My suggestion would be that you build a shell with a larger limit.
Then, you can use the normal versioning approach that everyone else
in the Ubuntu world uses and understands, and do not need to invent a
new shorter one.  If appropriate, you could even set a Build-
Depends: on your new shell version, to "force" those building your
packages to use it.

As you probably already know if you have been working with line length
limitations in your shell already, you can find the currently configured
maximum by doing

  getconf ARG_MAX

and you can get an idea of the practical available line length by doing

  echo $(($(getconf ARG_MAX)-$(env |wc -c)))

Overall, it seems illogical to have a problem with shell line length
limits lead you to request changes to the entire Launchpad PPA
system.  It would seem more appropriate to fix your shell line length
issue instead.

  Jonathan Marsden

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