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My files were rejected on uploading



I have encountered the problem as blow, failed to upload my branch
after building 'armel' and 'armhf' architecture targeted.
Only I was success with 'i386' or 'amd64'.
Please let me have some help to figure out the problem.

 * State: Failed to upload
 * Recipe: dongjin.kim/odroid-daily
 * Archive: dongjin.kim/ppa
 * Distroseries: precise
 * Duration: 11 minutes
 * Build Log:https://launchpadlibrarian.net/107444656/buildlog.txt.gz
 * Upload Log:https://launchpad.net/~dongjin.kim/+archive/ppa/+recipebuild/251221/+files/upload_3844749_log.txt
 * Builder:https://launchpad.net/builders/thorium

-- https://launchpad.net/~dongjin.kim/+archive/ppa/+recipebuild/251221
You are the requester of the build.

Thanks in advance,

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