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3 questions about managing java-package in ubuntu


 Hi to all.

 I maintain java-package in Debian and just gave attention to the fact that
Ubuntu is using java-package too :-)
 And so that I must take care of bugs and questions that may come on your
 Here my questions about this :

 1) I commented and closed several bugs as fixed in 0.50 or commited in the
to-be-released 0.51 versions.
 1)a) Is it ok to do so ? Or do you have people in charge of this I must
talk to ?
 1)b) Is it ok to close as"released" when a fix is available in Quantal for
a bug opened on Lucid fo example (that is the fix is _not_ easily available
on Lucid) ?
 1)c) How can I know when the to-come 0.51 version in Debian will be
released in Quantal so that I can change bugs with "commited" status to
"released ?

 2) Who can close
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/java-package/+bug/241238 as won't
fix ? I can't :-) !

 3) What can I do to enable easy collaboration between Debian and Ubuntu on
this package, for me, for you ?
 I tried the "link upstream project" but didn't understand how to link to
http://packages.qa.debian.org/j/java-package.html ..

 Thank you !


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