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Re: Disconnecting from git


Hello Curtis,

Yeah... your instructions solved the trouble :)

Initially I though that I would first have to convert from git locally in my workstation and then push the code. Then I confirmed in the IRC channel what should happen. Everything is fine now.

Permit me contribute with an opinion.
I think that there's need of a quick tutorial covering migration from Github.

Thanks a lot :)

Richard Gomes
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On 06/10/12 14:11, Curtis Hovey wrote:
I think you want to push up a fork and set that as the project branch.
   bzr branch lp:~frgomes/jquantlib/trunk trunk
   cd trunk
   bzr push lp:jquantlib

The last command will also link the project's focus of development to
trunk series to your branch. Anyone can then get a copy of tip using
   bzr branch lp:jquantlib trunk

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