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Re: Markdown support on Launchpad (lp:391780)


On 28/01/15 13:45, Pierre Equoy wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 10:38 AM, William Grant
> <william.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:william.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     On 28/01/15 13:01, Pierre Equoy wrote:
>     > Hello everyone,
>     >
>     > I wanted to add a feature request about adding Markdown to the different
>     > Launchpad text fields (description, comments), but I realized there was
>     > already an open bug about this [1].
>     >
>     > It looks like Martin Pool did all the work in a separate branch back in
>     > 2011, and therefore this feature is (almost) ready for the users, but...
>     > no progress since then, and in 2012 the bug was unassigned and its
>     > priority reduced to "Low".
>     >
>     > Could someone pick up this branch and review it? I think it would be a
>     > valuable addition to Launchpad, especially for links and code blocks.
>     >
>     > Thanks in advance!
>     As detailed in the bug you linked, Martin's branch was merged in 2011,
>     but nobody has picked up where he left off. Markdown support is not
>     currently a priority for Canonical's Launchpad team, but we'd happily
>     help with and accept a patch that got the feature closer to
>     production-ready.
> Thanks for your quick answer!
> I indeed didn't see his proposal had been merged to the lp:launchpad branch.
> So what work is remaining to have this feature ready exactly?

 - Some kind of caching is required, as Markdown rendering performance
   is insufficient for widespread realtime use.

 - Links must be rendered with rel="nofollow" to dissuade spammers.

 - URLs and other text must be linkified (see
   /view/head:/lib/lp/app/browser/stringformatter.py#L499> for the
   existing implementation).

 - Elements rendered from Markdown need to be styled appropriately.

 - Non-editable content (eg. comments) needs previews to avoid
   formatting mistakes.

 - Thought needs to be given to not corrupt the rendering of existing
   plaintext comments, and to minimise misinterpretation of email
   content as Markdown.

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