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Re: Fwd: [~invalid/ubuntu/ppa] miam-player_0.8.0~git20151021.7561079~vivid_source.changes (Rejected)


On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 12:55:32AM +0200, Matthieu Bachelier wrote:
> Sorry to bother you, but I have no idea why I have received this message.
> I'm having a hard time to make a source package, generate keys, uploading
> them, regenerating the package with key, then uploading.
> And I thought it was over. But it seems not. Do you have a
> single-command-100%-working-response?
> Rejected:
> Launchpad failed to process the upload path
> '~bachelier-matthieu/miam-player-ppa':

Although the "display name" for that archive is "miam-player-ppa",
looking at https://launchpad.net/~bachelier-matthieu, following the link
to https://launchpad.net/~bachelier-matthieu/+archive/ubuntu/ppa, and
glancing at the URL reveals that its name is just "ppa", and it's the
name that's important here and not the display name.

Given that, you need to upload to ppa:bachelier-matthieu/ppa, not to

Colin Watson                                    [cjwatson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]