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Re: More Realistic: Fix Commit or Fix Release


On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 08:28:39PM +0300, Doren Calliku wrote:
> I am working on a software analytics project whose bugs are in Launchpad. I
> am dealing with the bugs connected to some specific files and I need to
> extract some data from those. One of the important ones is for how long has
> a person been dealing with a bug.
> For finding the time to solve the bug I need to have a closing time, and
> for now I have been using "Fix Release" time, from the API. Still, there is
> also "Fix Committed" time which I guess represents the earlier version of
> the "Fix Released"?
> Which one should I use?

I can only really tell you an approximation of what they mean, not which
one you should use, because it's likely to depend at least somewhat on
the project in question.

Conventionally, "Fix Committed" is a non-terminal status that indicates
that a fix for the bug has been committed to revision control; while
"Fix Released" is a terminal status that indicates that the fix has been
released to wherever users get it from.

The exact semantics of this may vary from project to project (for
example, what you might reasonably regard as "Fix Released" is very
different for a package in Ubuntu as opposed to for something like a web
service), and Launchpad doesn't impose any particular policy.  Bug tasks
also don't necessarily go through "Fix Committed" on their way to "Fix

Colin Watson                                    [cjwatson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]