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Launchpad builder VMs upgraded to bionic


The VMs in Launchpad's build farm have been on Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) for
some time.  We're intentionally fairly conservative about upgrading the
base VMs, but it's about time to have something newer, so we've just
upgraded them to Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic).  The actual builds still run in
chroots or LXD containers of the appropriate Ubuntu series just as
before, so most builds shouldn't notice any difference, but the kernel
version is now 4.15 rather than 4.4.  (As I type this, some VMs are
still on xenial, but they'll be replaced with bionic once they're reset
at the end of their next build.)

The powerpc (as opposed to ppc64el) VMs are an exception to this: bionic
doesn't include the powerpc architecture any more, so these will stay on
xenial until such time as we no longer need to dispatch any powerpc
builds and can decommission those builders entirely.


Colin Watson (he/him)                              [cjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx]

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