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lost .orig.tar.gz file



"tolaunchpad-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  for help (requires membership)." - I do have a Launchpad membership but don't know if that is what is meant.

I have made a mistake uploading to a PPA, while refining my build process, I uploaded, the build failed and (yes, stupidly) I deleted it from Launchpad.  Now I cannot upload a fix.

Each time I receive an email saying "File tomboy-ng-qt5_0.35.orig.tar.gz already exists in tomboy-ng....". And a pointer to a help page that says -

*The solution for this problem consists of: *****

 * *downloading the pristine original tarball from the location pointed
   in the rejection message *

But the rejection message does not include a link to the original .orig. file ! !

I do not want to rev the version number as I distribute the same app, with the same version number through other channels.

If that .orig.tar.gz still exists in Launchpad, how can I find it ? If it does not exist, how can it be "forgotten" ?

Thanks for any help you can offer. My Launchpad id is d-bannon


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