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Re: Recipe in dependency wait


Hi Colin,
  thanks for your extensive reply, and for debugging this!

On 24/11/22 21:10, Colin Watson wrote:
and I see from that that you have your qbs-in-lts PPA configured to
build against ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/ubuntu/test.  Do you have to use
that PPA?  As I understand it it's not at all intended to be stable, and
using it has caused your binaries built for bionic to be built with a
dependency on a package that isn't present in bionic.  This is the root
cause of your recipe build failure.

I need it because I need g++-7 (or later) to build QBS, and that's not available in xenial. On the other hand it might not be worth updating xenial, so I might just drop that PPA. I tried to remove it now, re-copied the packages from xenial into bionic (for some reason the xenial package don't have that libgcc-s1 dependency, only the bionic build had it), and retried the build of mappero that originally failed.

It still fails, but on an unrelated issue, and I see that the right version of QBS is installed and working.

Thanks a lot!!