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C locale affecting test runs


In the current test setup about 20 test crash because the script sets up
Setting it back as LC_ALL="" after the tools needing the C locale are run
(sort and comm)
allows them to pass.
Lightspark should not crash with wrong locale set [*] so I think the test
script should be left as
is and see why the app crashes. It calls setlocale(LC_ALL,"") at startup
that's why I find it strange
that setting the environment variable matters at all.

This finishes
LC_ALL=""  lightspark tamarin-SWF/ecma3/String/toLocaleUpperCase3_.swf

This crashes
LC_ALL="C"  lightspark tamarin-SWF/ecma3/String/toLocaleUpperCase3_.swf


[*]There are some init functions and constructors called before main, one
being boost::filesystem's
which also cause a crash on any app linking to them - including LS - when
called with LC_ALL="bogusvalue"
It is a bug only fixed in boost 1.47, Ubuntu 11.10 and Debian  have 1.46