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Re: Flowplayer status?


>  This embedded clip does not seem to work for me in firefox 7.
>> http://flowplayer.org/plugins/**streaming/pseudostreaming.html<http://flowplayer.org/plugins/streaming/pseudostreaming.html>
> That's strange, because that particular example does play here on Chromium
> 14 with the latest git HEAD. Well, except that moving the mouse over the
> player window freezes the video for several seconds.
Ah indeed it plays here to after all. But only after over 5 seconds of white
screen (as opposed to Adobe's player which starts instantly) and I did not
wait it out initially.
Good to know it works. Likely the issues causing the slowness of the
timed-out tests play a part in slowing down the startup time on some sites
as well.