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Re: 0.5.3 released


> There is currently a build (#18) running,
> and afterwards there should appear at
> http://mediaservant.info/jenkins/job/Lightspark-win32/18/
> a Lightspark-0.5.3-git-win32.exe.
> Remove the '-git' part, and it can be released.

Thanks, uploaded.

> The other question is if the custom build of gnash (which is needed
> for the fallback on win32) should also be added
> to the download section. I'm still not sure if I do everything
> correctly regarding
> licenses.

No idea about gnash distribution. We should have some win32 install
instructions in the wiki for gnash though - or have some text and
in the LS installer telling the user about it being optional and where
do donwload maybe?