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Re: [Blueprint powertop-timer-cstate] tools: Show relation between timers and C state wake ups


On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 11:18 PM, Daniel Lezcano
<daniel.lezcano@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Blueprint changed by Daniel Lezcano:
> Whiteboard changed:
>   [amitk, 29/11/2012]: Daniel, please check if this is useful in your new
>   tool as well. If not, let's close this blueprint.
> + [daniel-lezcano, Jan 14th, 2013]: When the identification of the
> + interrupt is investigated from the POV of user space, it seems very hard
> + to correlate efficiently the informations we want to collect as
> + described in the WIs below.
> +
> + [daniel-lezcano, Jan 14th, 2013] : Question for Amit : Shall we add a
> + debugfs entry for cpuidle and begin to fill it with all the informations
> + to investigate the cpuidle behavior ?
> +

Can you clarify what information the debugfs will provide? What
information are you trying to read in userspace?