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[Blueprint cpuidle-p-state-dependency-investigation] cpuidle p-state dependency investigation


Blueprint changed by Daniel Lezcano:

Whiteboard changed:
  [amitk, 29/11/2012]: Daniel does this make sense to take on at this
  point? Or should we leave in backlog?
  [daniel-lezcano, 25/03/2013]: the exit_latency has been provided by the
  cpuidle driver author. These measurements were done but I don't know in
  which context (w/o cpufreq, ondemand/performance/userspace/etc ...). It
  is probable, we have to recheck these exit latency values depending of
  the frequency.
+ [daniel-lezcano, 12/04/2013] : one solution would be to measure the exit
+ latency for different states at different frequency in the kernel at
+ boot time and use these measured values to fill the exit_latency. The
+ cpufreq notifiers will be used in the cpuidle framework to change the
+ exit_latency dynamically.

cpuidle p-state dependency investigation