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Re: [Blueprint main-window-redesign] Rethink the elements in LottaNZB's main window


> > SABnzbd indeed offers only warnings through the API - but those
> > messages are what the user is interested in anyway, so we can still
> > have the message log window that simply mashes LottaNZB's and
> > SABnzbd's messages up chronologically.

Yeah, the warnings are the only thing matter for the user... Maybe there 
should be indication that a new warning has arrived on the main window? 
Of course, the indication should be small.  

> >> == Infobar ==
> Agree with almost everything except the diskspace item. I'm not sure
> if it's relevant to be shown in the main window, as SABnzbd should
> handle it. Just had a talk with one of the devs and he said SABnzbd
> supports to stop at a certain threshold, say 2GB. It it could be
>  potentially retrieved from SABnzbd's API. But such info isn't available
>  through the API as of yet. _IF_ it gets implemented though, LottaNZB could
>  just give a message or something that downloading and/or processing has
>  stopped because of low diskspace.

Right now I'm using sabnzbd with Plush UI, and since I'm always out of space, 
it's very comfortable for me to see if the stuff I got in the queue takes more 
space than my current free space. Also, if it queue size is bigger than the 
free space, the indication change it's color and I know I have to free some 
space for the download to complete. I know sabnzbd will pause because of low 
diskspace, but I think it would be great if we help the user avoid this 
As it's easy to get the free diskspace and queue size from sabnzbd it won't be 
hard to implement it. If you guys aren't interested in showing it on the main 
window, maybe we can have a dialog letting the user know the queue size is 
bigger than the free space?
> >> == Download list ==
> Definitely a +1 for the "Details" window. It should have tabs though,
> like "Files", "Information" and "NFO".
+2   :)
> >> == History ==
> > That would indeed be a solution. I'm not so sure about the "below
> > download listview" idea though. While waiting in the queue, a download
> > gradually moves to the top of the queue and is then downloaded. But it
> > will move to the middle/bottom of the application window after that.
 I'll try to create a mockup with glade tomorror to better explain what I 
mean. for now, I'll try to draw it with text. imagine this is the main window:
=========== Toolbar ===========

===QUEUE - title ================
download 1 -----              progress bar--  more info
download 2 -----              info    ---      info
download 3 -----              info    ---      info
download 4 -----              info    ---      info

===Complete Download - title ======== 
completed downlaod 1  --- relevant info ---  more info
completed downlaod 2 --- relevant info ---  more info
completed downlaod 3  --- relevant info ---  more info
completed downlaod 4  --- relevant info ---  more info
completed downlaod 5  --- relevant info ---  more info
------------------------------------------  link to complete records

Finished downloads moves from the top of the queue to the top of the completed 
download list. the advantage of this is that the active download is always on 
the top of the queue. Also, since we use two different listviews we can show 
different info on the queue listview and on the complete download listview.

> > If a complete download contains a single video file, one could make it
> > easy to launch the video directly from within LottaNZB (may be in
> > future versions).
We can start with giving the user the option to open the finished download 
directory. I mean, not the global download directory but the actual directory 
of the finished download.
Good night,

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