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Hello world testing


I am not sure if there are any ladies in here... So good day Ladies and Gentlemen.

As we get nearer to the Jaunty release, I thought that it will be a good move to start chit chatting a bit to see how we want this project to move.

Anyway, I am currently contributing to http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDE:Question, as I find that LXDE seems to lack a quality FAQ and newbie guide. Hence I am contributing to this in my limited free time, by looking at questions asked in the forum.

I am also hoping to build a SG based LXDE team. So I am spreading the word by talking to students. I am involved with NUS Linux Users' Group (aka linuxNUS). 

I would also like to ask which irc channel /server we should use... and also whether we should advertise/recruit for Lubuntu in lxde forums and ubuntu forums.


Luther aka Lu Feng