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Hello world testing


Sorry Luther, I sent this to you instead of the right email adress.

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 2:10 PM, Luther Goh Lu Feng <elfgoh@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> I am not sure if there are any ladies in here... So good day Ladies and
> Gentlemen.
> As we get nearer to the Jaunty release, I thought that it will be a good
> move to start chit chatting a bit to see how we want this project to move.
> Anyway, I am currently contributing to
> http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDE:Question, as I find that LXDE seems to lack a
> quality FAQ and newbie guide. Hence I am contributing to this in my limited
> free time, by looking at questions asked in the forum.
> I am also hoping to build a SG based LXDE team. So I am spreading the word
> by talking to students. I am involved with NUS Linux Users' Group (aka
> linuxNUS).
> I would also like to ask which irc channel /server we should use... and
> also whether we should advertise/recruit for Lubuntu in lxde forums and
> ubuntu forums.
> Cheers,
> Luther aka Lu Feng
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I think that using the #lxde irc channel is ok for shooting around ideas for
LXDE itself, but maybe making and registering a #lubuntu irc channel would
be good too, maybe use the same sever as Ubuntu uses for their irc channel,
or even use irc.oftc.net, like the #lxde channel.

As for advertising/recruiting, maybe. This is the reason, I am the dev for
LinuxMint LXDE CE as well, and I have a ton ppl that ask me every day if
they can be part of the team, alot them I have to answer question on the irc
channel about basic Linux things, like how to install a theme, or how to
change menu items in Gnome, while others are true Linux gurus, but weeding
them out takes more time than colaborating with the main LinuxMint dev team
itself, so while it is usefull for getting some true tallent, it can also
cause issues if someone who knows "just enough" manages to get on the team,
and then starts slowing things down with questions like "How do you make a
window border theme for LXDE?" and that can take away from solving real
issues like how do we fix the random menu dissapearing in the LXPanel 0.4.
So it has its ups and its downs. I think being careful of who is let into
the dev team is going to be very impotant in the comming times.

Dave, aka, McLovin, aka, Slaughter5