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Going to make base testing ISO


As I was discussing with Luther, I am going to start working on a base
"Lubuntu" test ISO as soon as soon as the Ubuntu final is released. The
reason I am waiting the extra couple of days is simple really, I don't want
to do a ton of work, just to find that something that I used, or altered,
was changed, or completely removed, and have to do it all over again. So
only 2 more days till the final, not much time to wait.
Thing I am thinking of using in this ISO are,

GDM for the login, as it is easier to customize for the end user
Exaile, or Rhythmbox for the music player, though I am leaning more towards
MPLayer for video
XChat for irc, leading to both the Ubuntu, and the Lubuntu irc channels as
default on connection
Irssi as an optional client
XFCETerminal for the terminal, as it is more customizable, (colors,
transparency, etc)
GCompmg, this is a gui config tool for XCompmgr, which will obviously be
installed as well
Firefox for web
Claws for e-mail
BlueFish for an html/text editor
samba and nfs-common installed by default
Wicd for the network manager
OBConfig, for configuring the window boarders
and a few custom .desktop files for few things, like a logout/shutdown
button on the panel, and menu entries for GCompmgr, and XCompmgr.
Also, I am planing on making a couple of custom art items, like the LXDE
logout menu, making a custom banner for that, as well as a custom menu
button. If anyone has any more ideas for art, or programs, or anything else,
please do tell, I could use some ideas of what others are wanting in this.

Dave, aka McLovin(926), aka Slaughter5

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