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Re: Going to make base testing ISO



thanks for the list. Sounds very good to start with.

Should we use the Ubuntu-Wiki for gathering this information as well?
I started this wiki page a while ago: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LXDE and

We can have a bullet point for applications in the ISO.

I am looking forward to the image.



On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 10:05 AM, dave slaughter
<slaughter.dave@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As I was discussing with Luther, I am going to start working on a base
> "Lubuntu" test ISO as soon as soon as the Ubuntu final is released. The
> reason I am waiting the extra couple of days is simple really, I don't want
> to do a ton of work, just to find that something that I used, or altered,
> was changed, or completely removed, and have to do it all over again. So
> only 2 more days till the final, not much time to wait.
> Thing I am thinking of using in this ISO are,
> GDM for the login, as it is easier to customize for the end user
> Conky
> Exaile, or Rhythmbox for the music player, though I am leaning more towards
> Exaile
> MPLayer for video
> XChat for irc, leading to both the Ubuntu, and the Lubuntu irc channels as
> default on connection
> Irssi as an optional client
> XFCETerminal for the terminal, as it is more customizable, (colors,
> transparency, etc)
> GCompmg, this is a gui config tool for XCompmgr, which will obviously be
> installed as well
> Firefox for web
> Claws for e-mail
> BlueFish for an html/text editor
> abiword
> gnumeric
> gimp
> samba and nfs-common installed by default
> Wicd for the network manager
> OBConfig, for configuring the window boarders
> and a few custom .desktop files for few things, like a logout/shutdown
> button on the panel, and menu entries for GCompmgr, and XCompmgr.
> Also, I am planing on making a couple of custom art items, like the LXDE
> logout menu, making a custom banner for that, as well as a custom menu
> button. If anyone has any more ideas for art, or programs, or anything else,
> please do tell, I could use some ideas of what others are wanting in this.
> Dave, aka McLovin(926), aka Slaughter5

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