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Re: logo



looks good. I guess it is a good idea to adapt the colors - different
LXDE desktop blues maybe.

I think this is interesting for everyone, so lets have this email
exchange over the mailing list.

We need three image sizes:

- A small image of exactly 14x14 pixels and at most 5kb in size, that
can be used to identify this team. The icon will be displayed whenever
the team name is listed - for example in listings of bugs or on a
person's membership table.

- An image of exactly 64x64 pixels that will be displayed in the
heading of all pages related to the team. Traditionally this is a
logo, a small picture or a personal mascot. It should be no bigger
than 50kb in size.

- A large image of exactly 192x192 pixels, that will be displayed on
the team page in Launchpad. It should be no bigger than 100kb in size.



On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 11:09 PM, Gusions <gusions@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello man, this isi the first logo
> http://upload.centerzone.it/images/2a4hs289gi9rmxgodoo.png a simply
> ubuntu logo + the startup icon of lxde, but this is
> http://upload.centerzone.it/images/952ibbtadrbncxlbwyel.png the second
> logo , a remake a usually ubuntu logo + lxde startup icon ...
> I attend =)
> Good afternoon