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49 members joined Lubuntu! Lets move ahead


Hello everyone,

we already have 49 members in the LXDE/Lubuntu group on Launchpad.
Time to move ahead. Currently not all people are subscribed to the
mailing list, so I wrote this email below, which I am sending to those
people directly.

In order to get the distro going, we need to focus on artwork,
applications and at the moment we urgently need people, who can make
(or want to learn) deb-packages for the new components and updated
LXDE components.

I am looking forward to see this project grow.

All the best,




thank you for joining up with us in the LXDE team and in the Lubuntu
team on Launchpad.


I have seen, that you have not subscribed to the mailing list yet. In
order to improve communication in the team, I invite you to join us
here. You can join the mailing list after signing in to Launchpad and
using a link in the mailing list section below the map:


There are also other ways to communicate with contributors. Most
participants are currently meeting up on the LXDE IRC. As the
community is still relatively small, it makes sense to use the same
channel still. Please join us on irc.oftc.net #lxde


We had a gathering with the Open Source community in Singapore a
couple of months ago. Luther Goh Lu Feng and others have started to
bring different people together. Now 49 people have joined the Lubuntu
group already. In order to move things forward we now need to focus on
a few tasks. We need people:

1. creating packages of the new LXDE components and updated components
(Please also see http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Category:Packaging and join
the developers mailing list of LXDE

2. making artwork (two contributors started to post their suggestions
for logos and wallpapers already). Please also post files in the forum
and leave a message on the Lubuntu mailing list, so everyone can have
a look: http://forum.lxde.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=437

3. Decide on best applications to include. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu

4. Make the distro

I am excited how much I am learning during the process and it is great
fun to team up with people from all over the world! We are looking
forward to get this distro moving ahead and welcome your involvement.

All the best,