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Should we solicit or nominate coordinators?


Hello everyone,

We have 54 members registered for team Lubuntu. Should we solicit or
nominate coordinators for the various sub-domains of activity in
building Lubuntu? For example, Mario has suggested we need contributions
in the areas of (from https://edge.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop ):

* packaging
* coding
* artwork
* documentation
* translation
* testing

For example, looking at this list, I would feel comfortable coordinating
efforts on testing or documentation, because I know those areas
reasonably well already. I would be glad to learn about and help with
packaging and coding, but I do not know enough to coordinate the efforts
of others. I'm useless for artwork and translation.

I'm not sure it is warranted, but with 54 members and growing, we may
need an "executive committee" of sorts. This would also free Mario from
having to micromanage all elements of activity.

Your thoughts?

C David Rigby

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