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Restructuring of the Lubuntu wiki page(s) on wiki.ubuntu.com


Dear All,

Sorry, it has taken longer for me to really dig into the project of
restructuring the wiki pages than I thought it would. (There has been a
big surge of activity in preparations for Software Freedom Day
(Singapore) 2009 which has taken up most of my free time for the last

I am working on the process today (Monday 25 May in Singapore). I am
creating the structure as an alternate set of pages, so there will be no
impact on the current wiki page until everyone has had a chance to look
over my proposed changes.

However, I will need to manually update the revision with all content
added to the current page before I switch to the new structure. Most
likely I will not lose anything (I can use the wiki tracking features to
make sure I collect all changes from this point in time). However, it
would be helpful if you drop me a quick email
( https://launchpad.net/~c-david-rigby ) if you add content to the
current page. Redundancy is a good thing!

As soon as I have something worked out, I will advise everyone via this
list. At that point, please review and comment on the changes.

C David Rigby