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I would love to be a tester when y'all are ready to test-drive Lubuntu.
I am a very recent "convert" to Ubuntu, having known only WinXP until
just under two months ago. But I have already learned a lot...

I successfully resurrected an old low-resource computer that my family
had given up for dead, using the very minimalist Ubuntu-based distro
called Crunchbang Linux (http://crunchbanglinux.org), but added the LXDE
desktop environment to it for a pretty, "Windowsy" look that would fool
my family. It did! They didn't even know they were using Linux until I
told them. Until then they congratulated me on making that old computer
run faster than ever.

That experiment and the happy result has me very excited about the new
Lubuntu project. I am very hopeful that Lubuntu will not end up as heavy
and bloated as I have heard that Xubuntu has become.

I'm too new to do much other than test, but I'm excited to do it and
happy to be part of this team.

Robin Arnaud
Ocala, Florida

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