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lubuntu development model - Seeds vs UCK



we had a talk among different people about a good model for building
the lubuntu distribution. A sustainable model suggested by some is the
Seed model practiced by the Xubuntu developers.

There are solutions like Ubuntu Customization Kid
(http://uck.sourceforge.net´;) and Reconstructor
(http://reconstructor.aperantis.com) out there. However, they have
some drawbacks and I am not sure how we can build a model to include
different people in the process.

I see the seeds model as a viable way to make lubuntu sustainable.
There is a wiki page on the kubuntu wiki with more information:

Seeds are the lists of packages we want to include in the
distribution. The minimal, boot, standard, desktop, and either ship or
live seeds go onto our CDs. Xubuntu seeds, being built on top of
Ubuntu, inherit a shared set of seeds called the "platform" seeds.
These platform seeds are maintained by Ubuntu Core Developers whereas
the Xubuntu seeds are primarily taken care of by Xubuntu developers.
Xubuntu seeds (as with all Ubuntu flavors) manage their seeds using
the bazaar revision control system and host them on launchpad (build
scripts pull the official seeds to build the cd).

More information on Seed Management here

What do you think about it?