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Re: Lubuntu Lucid Alpha 3 "Shiny"


I faced most of the problems the others reported earlier. Other than those,
 I noticed the following:

1. no flash plugin (earlier gnash used to be installed). Running "apt-get
install flashplugin-installer" solved it.

2. no applets with chrome(ium) and icedtea. I use online banking and this is
a MAJOR issue for me. Solution is to either download & install sun's java or
install Firefox to be able to run applets.

3. In networkmanager VPN is inactive, can not "Add". I installed "apt-get
install network-manager-vpnc vpnc resolvconf rdesktop". After this,  I was
able to use VPN  from command line, but in networkmanager it remained
disabled. Do I need to install any other package?

4. pcmanfm2 now seem less complete than in pre-alpha3 (the test image from a
week ago). Earlier in pcmanfm2 I was able to use applications:///
and trash:///. What happened, is this an older build? Just curious.

5. printing does not work for me (it worked before alpha3). Installed my
printer, it was recognized, added it, but nothing comes out (not even the
test page). Weird. In "manage print jobs" document print status shows
Completed. Any idea? Thanks

Other than that it's "shiny" :)


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