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Re: quick run of lubuntu a3


Thanks for the test.

Le vendredi 26 février 2010 à 18:04 +0100, Roger Dean a écrit :
> 1) when i go to language settings, it asks me to install more packages. 
> when i agree, it downloads much stuff including openoffice packages...
It's a "feature" to add to language-selector.

> 2) logged out of lubuntu DE and then in to lubuntu netbook DE. logged 
> out and tried to log back in to regular DE. was unable to click cursor 
> into username / password box
lxdm seems to lock sometimes, but I never mange to reproduce it. It may
also be relative to other applications like plymouth, which break lxdm
sometimes ago.

> 3) tried to edit date/time settings - unlock button does nothing
Confirmed, but maybe not our fault. Did you test on a regular Ubuntu
Lucid ?

> 4) install gave me pcmanfm 0.9 - is this correct?
Yes, it's pcmanfm2

> 5) is mtpaint the finally chosen image editor? to my mind it's visually 
> very dated...
If you have another idea of a lightweight image editor, feel free to
propose. For now, I don't see any other candidate for this purpose.

> 6) love the speed... :-)
Good :)

Julien Lavergne

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