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GVFS issues and other bugs in pcmanfm2


The artwork of alpha 3 rocks! Thank you all!

As reported in this mailing list by some users, pcmanfm2 doesn't seem
to work well with trash:// or others.
It might be caused by failure of dbus launch. When gdm is used, this
doesn't seem to be the problem since gnome seems to do something under
the hood. However, with lxde, this is not automatic.
The latest lxsession in git repo contains code to automatically launch
dbus when needed. This must be used instead of the currently released
tarball 0.4.1. Otherwise things might not work if you're not using

I know that now we're feature freeze. However, there are plans to
update most of the LXDE components recently.


1. Finish PCManFM2. (planned release date: before 3/20, deadline: end of March)
2. Add basic theming support to LXLauncher and fix its bugs <-- this
is required for netbook mode of lubuntu
3. Make a new release for LXSession including new logout mechanism
added by Marty Jack.
4. New components now requires menu-cache 0.3.2, which is not yet in
alpha3. (soname is changed)
5. LXMusic might work now in Lubuntu since xmms2 is updated in ubuntu.
Test is needed to make sure.
6. LXDM: this is one of the most problematic part, too. Need some help.

The most important part is pcmanfm2 as this is the core of LXDE. If it
fails to be stable enough before 10.4 release, Lubuntu will have many
problems. So I'll do my best to ensure its quality. Soon there will be
0.9.1 release.

The parts that requires most testing in pcmanfm2 are:
1. File operations: copying, moving, deleting, and trashing. (The most
2. Remote file system support
3. Thumbnails
4. Volume management

So please test it heavily, especially #1. I'll try to get most
reported bugs fixed before the deadline.
To achieve this, I need plenty useful bug reports. Please help!

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