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Re: GVFS issues and other bugs in pcmanfm2


Le dimanche 28 février 2010 à 00:09 +0800, PCMan a écrit :
> The artwork of alpha 3 rocks! Thank you all!
> As reported in this mailing list by some users, pcmanfm2 doesn't seem
> to work well with trash:// or others.
> It might be caused by failure of dbus launch. When gdm is used, this
> doesn't seem to be the problem since gnome seems to do something under
> the hood. However, with lxde, this is not automatic.
> The latest lxsession in git repo contains code to automatically launch
> dbus when needed. This must be used instead of the currently released
> tarball 0.4.1. Otherwise things might not work if you're not using
> gdm.
Thanks for tacking this, I'll made the necessary modifications.

> I know that now we're feature freeze. However, there are plans to
> update most of the LXDE components recently.
If this could be limited to pcmanfm/libfm, that will be nice :) Handle
new features after Feature Freeze is difficult and a long process, and
we can't spend this time to fix bugs.

> Targets:
> 1. Finish PCManFM2. (planned release date: before 3/20, deadline: end of March)
> 2. Add basic theming support to LXLauncher and fix its bugs <-- this
> is required for netbook mode of lubuntu
I don't think the theming is really needed for this realease.

> 3. Make a new release for LXSession including new logout mechanism
> added by Marty Jack.
For now, logout working good. Introducing a new mechanism now will need
testing/bug fixes. It's a good think, but not sure it's necessary for
this release.

> 4. New components now requires menu-cache 0.3.2, which is not yet in
> alpha3. (soname is changed)
I'm working on it.

> 5. LXMusic might work now in Lubuntu since xmms2 is updated in ubuntu.
> Test is needed to make sure.
It's working since some times.

> 6. LXDM: this is one of the most problematic part, too. Need some help.
Yes, and unfortunately, boot process on Lucid have many changes since
Karmic :(

> The most important part is pcmanfm2 as this is the core of LXDE. If it
> fails to be stable enough before 10.4 release, Lubuntu will have many
> problems. So I'll do my best to ensure its quality. Soon there will be
> 0.9.1 release.
> The parts that requires most testing in pcmanfm2 are:
> 1. File operations: copying, moving, deleting, and trashing. (The most
> important)
> 2. Remote file system support
> 3. Thumbnails
> 4. Volume management
Thnaks, I'll keep update the wiki page

Julien Lavergne