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Re: Changing PDF viewer by default


Il 21/06/2010 07:31, PCMan ha scritto:
Regarding to hardware, my suggestions to make the system usable:

CPU: above 600 MHz should be enough most of the time
RAM: 512 mb is suggested, and 256 is minimal requirement
Disk space: 2 GB at least (including swap)

i installed lubuntu maverick on a KVM Virtual Machine two days ago, with 2GB of disk space. due to problems with the cd disk image, i installed e maverick command line system from alternate and then the lubuntu-desktop meta package. i run out of space and i had to grow the disk img size to end the installation.

at the moment the used space is ~ 2.2GB

i also noted an increment of memory usage.
after the boot on my netbook lubuntu lucid uses 80MB of memory.
on the vm maverik is using 135MB