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Fwd: Grub Install Bug @Lubuntu-10.04 (Distribution Release)


Dear all,

forwarded a bug report below.



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From: Abnormal Terminate(R) <abnormalter@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 12:35 AM
Subject: Grub Install Bug @Lubuntu-10.04 (Distribution Release)
To: Mario Behling <mb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I cannot create Bug Report, because it I put it here...
1. Using a PC, who can be uses an USB external HDD or SSD (and can be
mounted as sdb device).
2. Install Lubuntu from CD to this USB HDD (as variant, install to SDHD
Flash Card, plugged into PCs CardReader), mounted as sdb1.
3. Using Parted Editing manually, and put "/" for all device space
without swap.
Result of Install Lubuntu:
1. After normally ended Installation Process, my PC has the MBR on FIRST
HDD (!!!), but I _use not_ this device for installation Lubintu, not use
it completely!
2. On my PC cannot be starts none PS' File Systems without having as
plugged External Devices because MBD find it and stooped without this
External HDD or SDD. It has black screen only and display Diagnostic
Message on this situation.
It's stupidly situation. And who is this developer, who wrote a code for
use as default FIRST HDD (mounted as sda) for put MBR, but loading Grub
from SECOND HDD (mounted as sdb), if the User set up as work (loadable)
Device SECOND HDD or other device?!
And Setup absolutely have not any position for user's choosing about a
Device, who can be uses as place for the Master Boot Record...
It is absolutely abnormal situation, IMHO.
For example, Ubuntu (or Xbuntu) Installer has an option for choosing a
place for create MBR with choosing place for Grub too.
Thanks for possibility of understanding.

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