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Dell Mini-9 issues


I just did the alpha-2 install on my Mini-9 "Netbook", and there were
various little issues that arose.  I'm not sure what level of detail
you want at this point, or if you want a distinct thread started for
each issue, so I'll just quickly list some here and perhaps you could
indicate which, if any, are of interest to pursue further?

1 - Install went fine until it reached the 95% point of "Installing
System, running dpkg", at which point it simply stopped for about a
half hour and then completed the install successfully.  I was almost
ready to abort, and I suspect many people would have.

2 - My screen was so dim that it literally wasn't usable until I
Googled for this issue and added appropriate commands to the grub
startup command (both during the install and for subsequent boots).

3 - On first run of Synaptic, it reports Auto Removable items.  It
also generates errors, when I "Reload", about signatures which
couldn't be verified.

4 - The browser has some minor problems, but I see that there are
already bugs filed on chromium-browser which cover those.

I haven't had a chance to test it much.  Is there a particular test
regimen you'd like run, or aren't we at that point quite yet?


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