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News about Lubuntu Development



With the release of the beta 1, and with the update made by PCMan for
LXDE development, time to do the same for Lubuntu : 

== Lubuntu not officialy a flavor of Ubuntu ==
I have been quiet about the status of Lubuntu inside Ubuntu family, it's
just because I have no news myself. With the beta release of Ubuntu,
there are now few chances to have Lubuntu in the Ubuntu family for this
This is not blocking the development, we will continue to improve
Lubuntu as usual.
And for the reasons, there is still a ressource problem on Canonical /
Ubuntu infrastructure, which was not resolved during this cycle. Also,
they are writing a real process to integrate new member in the Ubuntu
family, but it's still not finished.

== Development health ==
Like LXDE, we're lacking people to code, make patches etc ... Otherwise,
we have now a good documentation team and Rafael which do a great job
with the artwork. The packaging is quite up-to-date, but we still need
to improve the triage of bug reports. And, we always need more
testers/bug reporters :) If you want to begin with Ubuntu/Lubuntu
development, it's a good starting point. I also can make a
meeting/classroom about this if several people are interesting.

== Bug reports ==
I'm slowly begin to deal with bug reports correctly, adding scripts
(apport hooks) in all LXDE packages to be able to gathered more
information from bug reporter. If you want to report bugs, please be
sure to use ubuntu-bug to do this.

Also, I spend some time to work on 2 annoying bugs :
-  Menu not correctly translated (see
You should have notice that some items from the menu is not correctly
translated. It's because menu-cache doesn't read correctly the
translation of the desktop files of Ubuntu which are store
in /usr/share/locale-langpack.

- Right click bug for pcmanfm
Unfortunately, this bug is still here, so if you have this problem,
please downgrade libfm0 and libfm-gtk0 to 0.1.12 version. There si still
a strange and random behavior that I can't identify.
See the detail on

Any help on them will be appreciated :) I'm still not sure if it's a
LXDE problem on a Ubuntu + LXDE problem.

== Regular Meeting ==
I think it could be nice to have regular IRC meetings to discuss various
topics about Lubuntu and its development. I would like to plan them, and
I think 1 meeting every 2 weeks will be good, but we need to find the
"when". For people which would be interesting, what do you think about
this ? Which day/hour (UTC) will be good for you ?

That's all for me, if you want discuss another topic, feel free to
answer this mail :)

Julien Lavergne

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