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10.10 Beta1 2 Bugs: Remasterys & Network Manager


Julien & Others,

I was very impressed with Lubuntu Lucid... very stable & opened everything I threw at it.

10.10 Beta1:
Installing Remastersys failed (latest sourceforge version 2.0.17-1.deb). GDebi error: ... did not recognize flags.

Lucid & Maverick Network Manager
Network Manager (perhaps Applet in LXPanel)
The only instability issue I had in Lucid (will probably be the same in Maverick) is the Network Manager. It failed to connect to the Internet (wired) on a number of occasions.

Tried to reinstall and various other things without success. Now, I have no access to Edit and VPN Connection windows (clicking on the options does not open the window)... i.e. cannot change anything or redo the connection if it fails.

It is a MAJOR PROBLEM as a computer without network access is useless.

Was not able to reinstall... not sure what to reinstall exactly... or got message that program was being used. It is probably a simple fix but if you do not know it, you have to reinstall everything.

What and how do I reinstall it exactly (including how and which 'program in used' to terminate) to fix this problem?
Could not seem to find the correct answer in forums.

Thanks.  Great Work!

Pierre Champagne

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