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IRC and Documentation


Hiyas gang !!!!

Before I start this long email, I wish to put on record my gratitude to
Nathan (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/nhandler) who along with others does the
'behind the scenes' stuff generally and helps me and the project so much.
(hints to Julien to put a testimonial application on his wiki page).

*IRC channel spammers and trolls*

If there is a 'troll' in the room, the simple rule is "Do Not Feed The
Trolls", totally ignore them, carry on your conversation, they will get
bored and leave.

If the room is attacked by a spammer  / troll who is disrupting, then you
need to issue the command



!ops | SoAndSo is spamming


!ops | SoAndSo is trolling

does help the IRC Op's to know what it is they are walking into.

I cannot stress highly enough that

Remind them that when they do that, a notice will show up in #ubuntu-irc .
> So abuse will really annoy some members of the community (as well as OPs who
> get hiighted)

The !ops command is to be used as a last resort, else we will lose people
from the community who will come on and moderate / ban them if it used
without good reason. Misuse could well result you in being banned at the IP
address level from all the IRC freenode chat areas and a lot of forums.

*IRC Logging*

Nathan has also given me contact details to go and 'nag' for the logging
bot, which I will be doing tomorrow.

With the introduction of ubot5, you can issue commands such as !grub2 in the
channel which will point someone to where to get detailed information, if
you come across the same request / question being asked often, will you let
me know and I'll put it forward to be a factoid. (Adds pcmanfm to the list
of requests). Whilst we are still a young project, such documentation links
are really useful for the "I recall that, but don't know how to do it


If any of you have any "how to's" but are concerned that they do not meet
'official' standards on how documents / help areas are written or formatted,
please forward them to me. We will gladly 'tidy' them up so others may
benefit. I'm currently investigating what is required for 11.04 and will
keep you all updated.

Gee, you actually read this far :-)



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