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Re: UI in French?


At 23:21 22/09/2010, Leszek Lesner wrote:
Here are commands summed up.

1. DD (2GB Persistency Image):
 dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/your_path_to_usbstick/casper-rw bs=1024 count=2000
2. Format the persistent image
 mkfs.ext2 /media/your_path_to_usbstick/casper-rw
3. Add persistent to your bootoptions
4. Reboot

Thanks again. I'll try that tomorrow morning and report back.

Out of curiosity, what does Linux save in this second partition, used for persistence between reboots? Is it just a symlink to /etc? I currently use a 1GB stick, so I was thinking of booting Linux from the hard-disk/CD, shrink the current Linux on the USB stick to make room for the persistent partition, and create/format a 200MB ext2 partition for persistent data.

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