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Re: plymouth


Bob Trevithick wrote:
Amen!!  Let's dump this Plymouth crap.

I'm over my head here, but I've heard others say that this thing is
like a cancer that has metathesized throughout the entire system.
That the dependencies make it almost impossible to remove.

I sincerely hope this isn't true.

I booted some system the other day, I forget what it was, and it just
printed the text "Booting, please wait.."

What a joy that was.  It looked so professional compared to the mess
we've been seeing for so long now.

</rant>   :-)

Heh heh, so there are different opinions, even from the same person ;)
not to mention from other people as well.

Anyways, a simple solution to circumvent this while it is being sorted out in 'pre-release' versions is to delete the 'splash' in the kernel (linux) line of the grub menu.

Hope this helps. - Goh Lip