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Re: Lubuntu 10.10 and PCmanFM on default install


> So what I'm mailing about is that what if gvfs-backends is a default part
> of the .iso -image of Lubuntu 10.10? Maybe we could see it in next stable
> release? I've seen lots of users who can't google as much as I can (and I'm
> not even that good in it ;) and there fore they're a little lost why they
> can't see their pr0n shares on their Windows XP.

I'm totally agree with you

It's not a big packet and it's needed if people wants to use the LiveCD with
> full features.

Lubuntu must be fast and complete!!

> And I would like to wish to everyone on the list a very nice autumn/spring
> ;)

Same for you Benny :)

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