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Re: Prepare UDS for Natty


On Thu, 14 Oct 2010 11:20:50 +0100
Yorvyk <yorvik.ubunto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Discuss Backup solution (http://davestechshop.net/blog/dave/list-of-free-open-source-linux-and-ubuntu-backup-software)
> Backups? :P  
> Plenty to go at.  A simple point-and-click solution is the obvious way to go.

Not a priority, but if there is a good lightweight solution, it could be good.

> Discuss CD/DVD Burn choice : Xfburn (xfce depends + hal) or Brasero (gnome depends but no hal) or something else ?
> Any thing HAL free as there seems to be no point in having HAL for just one program, could even be built into PcManFM

The "Any thing HAL free" is actually limted to Brasero, I didn't find another good CD burner without HAL.

> I would like to see some discussion of the minimum, REALISTIC hardware requirements. 

It depends of the use, and sometimes the state of your hardware. It's not really easy to set an universal requierement, only experiments can help in this cas.

> Also a RSS reader might be nice, Liferea maybe.

Ubuntu didn't have one, and Liferea is not really lightweight. Like Backup, if a good solution exist, why not.

> WBar, the launcher/dock thingy is rather nice and gives a modern feel to the desktop and may be worth considering.

Lxpanel is a component which will be very difficult to remove, unless you have very very good reasons and a good benchmark.

Julien Lavergne

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