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Re: Prepare UDS for Natty


On Thu, 14 Oct 2010 01:37:40 +0200
Julien Lavergne <gilir@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> The next UDS (Ubuntu Developpers Summit [1]) will be at Orlando, between
> 25th and 29th October. I will be their to discuss Ubuntu and Lubuntu
> development.
> For now, I only want to registered a blueprint for discussion :
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appselection-lubuntu-n-lubuntu-seed-update
> If you want to add your comment on it, feel free to add a comment on
> this mailing list.
> Also, if you think we should discuss other topics, let us know :)
> And if you are at the UDS, ping me so we can also drink a good beer ! :)
Work items:
Discuss Backup solution (http://davestechshop.net/blog/dave/list-of-free-open-source-linux-and-ubuntu-backup-software)
Backups? :P  
Plenty to go at.  A simple point-and-click solution is the obvious way to go.

Discuss CD/DVD Burn choice : Xfburn (xfce depends + hal) or Brasero (gnome depends but no hal) or something else ?
Any thing HAL free as there seems to be no point in having HAL for just one program, could even be built into PcManFM 

Discuss notifications program (XFCE or keep classic notification)

Discuss indicators support on by default + indicators installed by default (need integration on LXDE)
Would be usefulif they could be integrated into LXDE.

Discuss LightDM integration instead of LXDM

Discuss keymap switcher : lxkeymap, lxkeyboardconf (lxadmin), support in lxinput ?
Not a problem that effects me so best left to those that need it.

Discuss control-center : lubuntu-control-center ?
Centralised Control Centre and removal of the various bits from the menus would be great.

Discuss utility to modify and save screen settings (using https://edge.launchpad.net/x-kit ?)
Been looking at this, looks like a very good idea if it can be implemented.

Discuss search utility (catfish ?)
Never really made up my mind about this sort of thing as I tend to use find and locate form the CLI, but, can see why some would like it.

Discuss a way to modify the main menu (port alacarte ?)
Not some thing I’ve really done is edit the menus so no real interest.

I would like to see some discussion of the minimum, REALISTIC hardware requirements. Also a RSS reader might be nice, Liferea maybe.  
WBar, the launcher/dock thingy is rather nice and gives a modern feel to the desktop and may be worth considering.
And finally we’ll have to have a discussion/flamewar :) about a music player:D

Steve Cook (Yorvyk)


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