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10.10 user observations



Just my user experience w/10.10. The install did not see my XP ntfs partition and Grub just listed Lubuntu. All distros I've tried always "see" it and list it in Grub or Lilo, but Lubuntu 10.10 installed from the iso didn't. I fixed it so no problem now. But someone who didn't do the homework on how to manually edit Grub would be freaking out - "where did my windows go" maybe.

When I right click and add an app to the desktop as a launcher there was a problem. Say I add Seamonkey as a launcher. I click the launcher icon and the terminal and seamonkey will open. This happened a lot - I'd add a launcher and click the icon and the terminal or leafpad or the file manager would open a window in addition to the app the launcher was made for. So I don't use desktop launcher though I'd like to...

Other than that it's fast, clean, and stable and my favorite distro easily. Great job totally!

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