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Hiyas gang,

Not a complaint for a change ;)

As a part of my general activity in the ubuntu areas and for the good will I
receive from all I encounter, a few lubunteers were fed a few cookies and
have agreed to become padawans on the the ubuntu beginners team.
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam I'd like to put on record to the whole
team that having such people helping out on #lubuntu and joining the wider
community can do nothing but good for Lubuntu. As I'm about as subtle as
punch in the face they are:





The people they have been twinned with can be found over at

They have been warmly welcomed by their mentors, if you spot the work they
do on the channel please put in a testimonial for them.

In exchange I got one who would like to learn more about lubuntu.

If you'd like to know about them, hang about on #lubuntu-offtopic.

If there are any other lubunteers who would like a mentor to further their
knowledge or help out on the family that we all belong to, please do give me
a nudge.